My Podcast

Coaching and a Cup Of Tea With Mummabear

Season Five

Episode 1 Should Entrepreneurs have a Life Coach? Part 1

Season Four

Episode 1 The Power of the Post-It

Episode 2 Thought Reset

Episode 3 Thought Detox

Episode 4 Energy Jar

Episode 5 Start Before You Are Ready

Episode 6 Creating New Evidence

Episode 7 Wall of Wins

Episode 8 It’s Hard and Why You Should Stop Saying It

Episode 9 Ask for Help

Episode 10 Easy Summer

Episode 11 Write It Down

Episode 12 A 9 Year Old’s Opinion on Summer and Having a Working Mum

Season Three

Episode 1 Challenging Everything YOU Thought About Values

Episode 2 Can My Values Help Me Make Decisions?

Episode 3 Shame & Values

Episode 4 How to Level Up YOUR Values

Episode 5 What is Value Consciousness?

Season Two

Season One

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