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Embrace the power of introspection
and intention with Melissa Wiggins
AKA “Coach Mummabear”

You can purchase here in the UK (including Scotland), here in Australia, and here in Canada.

UnFollow: Question Everything With Excitement” is more than a book—it’s a seismic shift in perspective, an urgent call for audacious living. At its core, it poses a single, electrifying question: ‘ONE.Life—What are you going to do with it?’ Each chapter is not a directive, but a doorway. It’s for those who dare to challenge the status quo, in spite of circumstances. Imagine your life as a social feed filled with preconceptions, societal norms, and self-imposed prisons. What if you had the power to curate your ONE.Life as meticulously as you do your online persona? Here’s the game-changer: the questions posed within these pages are not just inquiries—they’re a catalyst for a life reimagined. Following ten riveting client stories interwoven with the author’s personal battles—from addiction to adoption and her child’s fight with cancer—‘UnFollow’ is the key specifically designed to dissect the familiar, scrutinize the accepted, and construct a life less ordinary. You are healing, but are you living? Prepare yourself: THE WORK in this book comes with a guarantee—your life will never be the same.

You can purchase here in the UK (including Scotland), here in Australia, and here in Canada.

UnFollow Book Cover
Melissa in chair

Meet Melissa Wiggins:

A Scottish-born dynamo and a global phenomenon known as Coach Mummabear. She is a former lawyer, with a top 10% podcast and a stirring reputation on the motivational keynote circuit. She’s not just another voice; she’s a life-altering experience. Her Scottish grit fuels her mission: to ignite change, whether it’s through coaching, keynote speaking, or ground-breaking philanthropy. Melissa’s capacity to turn her own, her clients’, and her audience’s lifes’ trials into transformative action is not just inspirational; it’s a game changer. With a love punch and a warm hug, she leaves you with a question as audacious as her journey: “ONE.Life—what are you going to do with it?”



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