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Your journey from reading

to actively living it.

“UnFollow: Question Everything With Excitement,” my second book, wasn’t just words on a page—it was an invitation.

What Sets This
Program Apart?

From Book to Being: Weekly group coaching will allow you to live out the seismic shift in perspective that “UnFollow” initiated. 

Challenge the Status Quo: This program is for those ready to question societal norms and their own self-imposed limitations. 

Real-Life Application: The program doesn’t just discuss; it demands action. It truly is the catalyst for a life reimagined.

Community & Connection: Become part of a group actively curating their ONE.Life, challenging each other, and growing collectively.

What’s Included Monthly:

  • Weekly Group Calls: Engage, challenge, and grow.
  • Online Program Access: Deep dive into structured, transformational content.
  • Quarterly Workshops: Elevate your journey with high-intensity, focused sessions.

What’s Inside?

Phase ONE

Where We Begin

Where Am I Now? Here you will gauge your current life situation and see how it aligns with your ONE.Life vision. We will grade areas of your life and together decide how to bridge from where you are now and where you want to be. This allows us to pinpoint what areas we need to tackle first.


Brain Training

This is the first time opening up the vault to share tools which prior to this have only been available to the mastermind students. By using these tools that I’ve worked years on designing and hundreds of clients have successfully used, I plan to train your brain to manage your mind and your day. During this phase we will be checking in on intention words and the significant role of them in your ONE.Life. In addition, we dive into your core values and how they anchor you in your ONE.Life. This phase is packed with real life tools and I cannot wait for you to experience the ROI of this work. 


Goal Setting

The Vote Method that I developed will guide you towards making dreams into goals and goals into reality – together in group coaching sessions.  Mastering the art of creating goals is one of my favorite activities. True magic happens here. 


Action and Accountability

Rooted in the ethos of my book, UnFollow, is the work required to be self responsible and also held accountable as you strive to construct your life less ordinary. Our weekly group coaching calls will ensure exactly this – both a push for self responsibility and a striving for accountability. Action and accountability are key elements to winning at this ONE.Life.


Maintenance and Challenges

How does one maintain their life and at the same time push forward? I love to challenge my clients, so expect challenges often. The purpose is to become comfortable in the uncomfortable. This is one way of really achieving your favorite version of yourself living your ONE.Life.


Thanks to the incredible lassies and lads I have met on this journey: speakers, authors, podcasters and let’s be honest, game changers, expect some seriously amazing guest speakers. When a client says they need an expert in a certain area I find that and deliver it. In addition, there will be quarterly intensive workshops with topics based on the needs and wants of the group. How fun it shall be with a few hours of pouring in together, every quarter, to keep you on the beam – did I mention this program is about winning at your ONE.Life. We are all healing, but are we living – Let’s live, lassies and lads. 

Monthly Subscription

This is the lowest-priced offer I’ve ever put together – by comparison, my mastermind is $12,000. I mention this because I want to make clear that the value is not lower – I have jam-packed videos of content and tools for success. Not to mention a killer workbook and several coachings a month – from me!  #winning

Founders Special:
$99 a month
{6-month minimum commitment}


a 1:1 Coaching call with me!

Elevate Your ONE.Life

Ready to take the bold audacity of “UnFollow” to the next level? With me, “Coach Mummabear” Wiggins by your side, and the collective power of a like-minded community, you’re not just reading about a transformation—you’re living it.

Become a ONE.Life Member Today!

Monthly Subscription

$99 a month
(Minimum 6 month commitment)

About The Coach

Melissa Wiggins is not merely a coach; she’s a force, a catalyst. When working with her, you’re not just absorbing knowledge; you’re transforming, questioning, and redefining it, on purpose. As she poses this in “UnFollow”,  ‘ONE.Life—what are you going to do with it?’ You decide.

What Clients Are Saying:

To keep it simple, the ownership I’ve taken, the solutions I’ve created, the confidence I’ve grown, the empowerment I feel – ALL things I’ve gained from working with Melissa. All things WE, together, have worked on. Having someone believe in me so much and support my inner and outward growth is invaluable. She is amazeballs.  ~ Morgan 

Melissa wants to create ripples! She really wants to create a community of people who are empowering one another. So it was taking what I had learned from her being my 1:1 coach to the next level which was group coaching. You almost have accountability partners within your journey and it gives you the opportunity to learn from each other. You get the accountability to push through and get in touch with yourself and dig deep.” ~ Heidi  

Focus on Growth
As a group, we are all focused in the same way, running companies or being entrepreneurs or just focusing on growth and how to be the best version of ourselves. And when you surround yourself with that type of community and those types of people, the conversations are so impactful. They’re so connecting!”

I feel like, through coaching, my time is intentional with every hour of my day, and that started in month one when we started talking about our values. I wish my abdominal muscles got the exercise my brain has been getting over the last six months of coaching with Melissa.

Thought Work
Thought reset is something that Melissa has taught us, and as a result, I am now able to say: ‘No, Diana! That’s not true. That thought you are thinking is not true.’ Being able to have the tool to do that myself now, where before I’d let it spin in my head, is empowering for me, my family, my work, and everybody around me.” ~ Diana  

Power of the Group
I am forever grateful that I jumped into group coaching because my life is richer and different thanks to the relationships I have formed.”

I love Myself
“I know today, I love myself just as much as I love other people. And I think that was probably the biggest win for me because the ripple effect is that the people around me now know that I love myself just as much as I love them. If not more.”

The Ripple Effect
“When we teach other people what we’ve been taught then they feel excited about it and then they know that they can go out and do the same thing.” ~ Stephanie


Who is this program designed for?

Anyone touched by “UnFollow” and eager for more—more depth, more action, more transformation.

What’s the duration of the subscription?

It’s a flexible, rolling subscription, billed every month, allowing you to define your commitment. We ask that you join for a minimum of 6 months when you begin.

What’s your refund policy?

A 30-day satisfaction guarantee ensures your confidence in embarking on this journey.

Is the book mandatory for the program?

While not compulsory, having “UnFollow” is a great start to understanding who I am as a coach and some of the methods I teach. If you hate the book – ONE.Life probably isn’t for you. This program is very action-oriented. 

Your ONE.Life awaits. The question remains:
are you ready to live it to the fullest?

At its core, it posed a single, electrifying question: ONE.Life—What are you going to do with it? I have meticulously created this program in a way I know will help you win at Life. Deeply inspired by the results of The Work inside my book was just the catalyst needed to develop the program you are reading about now: ONE.Life- A monthly coaching subscription for those who dare to challenge the status quo, in spite of circumstances. 

Imagine your life as a social feed filled with preconceptions, societal norms, and self-imposed prisons. Now imagine if you had the power to curate your ONE.Life as strategically as you do your online feed and do it on purpose? 

The ONE.Life Coaching Program offers you the next step, the key to unlock the wisdom from the book, transforming your insight into tangible action. This is your hands-on guide to living your ONE.Life audaciously. The book was your compass but I designed this program to be your PATH. As your coach, lassies and lads, I plan to hold your hand until you no longer need me to. I’ve got you – until you’ve got you. 

It’s time to question where you are and why – but not from a place of shame, blame or self pity – but instead from a place of excitement. What could this ONE.Life be? I plan to help you develop the brain power to answer just that. By introducing you to the tools I have created,  and weekly group calls, we will intentionally create your ONE.Life. Let’s Go!