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Steps for Personal Goal Setting That Work!

Hello lassies and lads! This blog is one I’ve been a wee bit excited to write. Okay, more than a wee bit. I actually LOVE this topic. One thing that has come up over and over again with my clients is a resistance to setting goals. Setting a goal often starts and stops in your noggin. You have an idea… but then you think of all the reasons you might not achieve it.

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Train Your Brain for Happiness & Success

Hello lassies and lads. As you may know, I am the Queen of Curiosity (okay… self-proclaimed) and that means I think and think and think about a lot of things. Including all of YOU, dear readers! I literally mark out time in my calendar for me to think about YOUR brains. What are you worrying about? What is the first thought that comes up in your brain in the morning? And what is the last thought before you go to sleep? And that’s why I’m soo fricking excited about today’s blog topic.

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How to Find and Live By Your Core Values

Stop right there. I know you read the word “values” and are rolling your eyes. I know because I’VE been there! Yeah, the lassie with a WHOLE BLOG about values has been in your shoes! But trust me – I plan to challenge every misconception you have ever had about this whole “values” thing.

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